Delta-8 THC Wholesale, Bulk Manufacturing,
and White-Labeling


Established in 2020, Delta Xtracts now dominates the hemp-derived Delta-8 THC industry by offering consistent, clean Delta-8 THC products including vape pens, gummies and cartridges.

Delta Xtracts is a Hemp-Derived Delta-8 THC extractor and wholesaler and is based out of Dallas, Texas. We are led by an executive team who have developed successful enterprises in both the THC and Hemp markets, and now we are tackling the Delta-8 industry. In addition to the executive management team, we have seasoned engineers developing products that deliver a seamless experience, as well as chemists who are ensuring that everything we deliver is clean and safe.

Science is at the heart of what Delta Xtracts does which is what makes our products so consistent – we truly believe in a bottom-up approach and have perfected the edibles and cartridges that we are bringing to market.

Customers nationwide rave about the quality of products that they receive from Delta Xtracts, which is why our business continues to grow exponentially.

If you are looking to scale your Delta-8 sales, Delta Xtracts is the right partner for you – reach out to us today to learn more.

Delta-8 Wholesale

Delta Xtracts is a leading Hemp-Derived Delta-8 wholesale operation that offers the following products and services:

(10) 25mg Delta-8 Gummies, Wild Berry or Pina Colada Flavor

(25) 25mg Delta-8 Gummies, Wild Berry or Pina Colada Flavor

500mg Delta-8 Vaporizer Pens

1000mg Delta-8 Cartridges

White-labeling opportunities

The 25mg gummies are both Vegan and Organic! They are pectin-based, so they are a healthy and approachable alternative to some of the other processed gummies on the market.

Our disposable pens feature a ceramic coil, a 500ml oil window, and a micro-USB charging port. The Delta-8 cartridges have a 510 thread and a mouthpiece designed for comfort.

We have a variety of flavors for our disposable vape pens and Delta-8 cartridges, as well as different strain types. Our flavors are infused with all natural terpenes which enhance the experience.

Sativa Flavors for Disposable Pens and Cartridges:

Alien OG

Super Lemon Haze


Charlotte’s Web

Indica Flavors for Disposable Pens and Cartridges:

Blueberry Cookies

Grand Daddy Purp


Hybrid Flavors for Disposable Pens and Cartridges:

Forbidden Fruit

Wedding Cake

Pineapple Express

Blue Dream

Where Can You Buy Delta Xtracts?

Delta Xtracts is available for wholesale in every state that Delta-8 THC is legal.

Alabama Legal Montana Legal
Alaska Not Legal Nebraska Not Legal
Arizona Not Legal Nevada Legal
Arkansas Not Legal New Hampshire Legal
California Legal New Jersey Legal
Colorado Not Legal New Mexico Legal
Connecticut Legal North Carolina Legal
Delaware Not Legal New York Not Legal
Florida Legal North Dakota Not Legal
Georgia Legal Oklahoma Legal
Hawaii Legal Ohio Legal
Idaho Legal Oregon Legal
Illinois Not Legal Penn. Legal
Indiana Legal Rhode Island Not Legal
Iowa Legal South Carolina Legal
Kansas Not Legal South Dakota Legal
Kentucky Legal Tennessee Legal
Louisiana Not Legal Texas Legal
Maine Legal Utah Not Legal
Maryland Legal Vermont Not Legal
Mass. Legal Virginia Legal
Michigan Legal Washington Not legal
Minnesota Legal West Virginia Legal
Mississippi Legal Wisconsin Legal
Missouri Not Legal Wyoming Legal

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Delta-8 White Labeling

Delta-8 THC has risen in popularity recently due to it being legal in almost every state, and because of its potency compared to Delta-9 THC. Our high-quality Delta-8 THC products will help you create your very own Delta-8 brand that customers can trust time and time again. We offer Delta-8 cartridges, edibles and disposable vape pens that are sure to keep your customers legally lifted!

Why Delta Xtracts?

Delta Xtracts is the best choice for your Delta-8 wholesale and white-label needs because we pride themselves on our consistent, safe and clean products. The gummies offer a consistent and reliable dosage that will gradually lift your customers to exactly where they want to be. Disposable vape pens have become a reliable option for consumers who are looking for a discrete experience and we have received great reviews about the quality of the device. Our cartridges offer a clean and consistent smoke, hit after hit, and they have been our top-seller from our current portfolio. Our wholesale team is eager to learn more about your business needs and how we can help, so don’t hesitate to contact us!